Social media marketing

What is social media marketing? It defines the process of marketing about something through the social media platforms. As in today’s time, social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life, marketing though it is the simplest and the best manner. It has become one of the popular ways of marketing among the researchers.

Through social media, the consumers and the users can view the online reviews about a product or a service.



The answer to the question, what is social media marketing? is that it is the process of generating the content that is tailored to the context of every social media platform in order to attract the audience. You gaining online traffic is the result of your social media marketing. Every platform for social media marketing is different as every platform has its own features and content.


Key terms of social media marketing

Understanding the key terms of social media is just as important as to understand what is social media marketing? Here are some of the major key terms-

  •  Content- content is what is online. Any written matter, post, ad, Facebook post, the Instagram photo is a content. It comes in several forms.
  •  Context- the content should be apt for the post and that makes the context good.
  •  Hashtags- this is one of the most famous and used techniques. It is used to add meta-information and details to the post. It makes your information easy to be searched by the viewer.
  •  Shares- shares is the only thing that matters the most online. The number of shares represents the popularity of the content.
  •  Engagement- it means that people interact with content that is produced by you. The engagement can be shown in the face of likes, comments, reviews etc.


Social media marketing trends

  • Organic reach is going down- with the increase in the social media platforms, the organic audience is decreasing.
  • “pay to play” is the motto of social media
  • Channels keep merging
  • Merged tools

Social media marketing platforms

There are a number of social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora etc. All these platforms let the content provider upload the content on these sites and platforms for the marketing and attract an audience in masses.


Social media marketing strategies steps

  • Creating social media marketing goals- this step includes the process of knowing what you wish you have out of your efforts. Set the goals that are attainable for you. These goals can be such as attaining more audience, increase the brand awareness, improve the ROI, drive-in personal sales, and creating loyal fan-base.
  • Research the audience of the social media platform that you are targeting. One should be aware of the group of the audience that uses that particular platform the most.
  • Establishing the most important metrics. These metrics are such as clicks, reach, hashtag performance, engagement and organic paid likes.
  • One should be fully aware of the competitors. The competitions in this field should be well-known about.
  • Engaging content should be developed. The performance of the company or the product is based on the quality of the content posted.
  • One should be engaging with the audience and not argue with them. The audience is what makes your marketing successful.
  • Keep a track of your efforts and keep improving.