Conversion optimization

What is Conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization or the conversion rate optimization refers to a system to increase the percentage of the viewers to a particular website. It is also called as CRO. The measurement of the conversion rate is by the ratio between the achievements and the number of visitors on the website.

It is the process by which one can optimize their site and increase the visitors to take a certain action.

Increase in Conversion rate optimization

Just as the question, what is conversion optimization is important, so is to know how important the increase in the conversion optimization rate is. You will have more customers and visitors to your website with the increase in the rate. Increase in the conversion optimization will benefit the website and the business itself.

Examples of conversion optimization

There are a number of examples of conversion. Some of them are phone calls, sign-ups, sales, form completions, subscriptions, app downloads, content downloads, views etc.

Why do conversion optimization?

After getting the answer to, what is conversion optimization? One should know the reason of why should it be done in the first place. Conversion optimization is done because it is the cheapest and the quickest manner in which one can increase the online sales. It is all about growth and it increases the growth on the website with the sales as well.

The several benefits of it are-

  1. The structured and systematic approach is there of using the analytics and feedback to improve the website’s performance.
  2. The performance of the website can be improved by the positive feedback.
  3. It can be new user and customer, newsletter, signups and downloads, etc.
  4. Conversion rate optimization takes advantage of the traffic that the site has already and drives them to desirable behaviour.
  5. This results in much better investment for the traffic that is already on the site.
  6. This is much more cost efficient.

Elements of conversion rate optimization

The conversion optimization serves as a platform for various things such as content and campaigns. The elements of which are-

  1. Collection and processing of the data on the website
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Set the optimization goal
  4. Set up the business rules
  5. Decision making should be very strong
  6. Statistical learning

Ways of improving the Conversion rate optimization

  • A/B testing- this method includes splitting of the traffic into groups. It includes testing of headlines, buttons, colours, font size, website designs etc.
  • Customer value proposition- it describes the added value that you bring to the customers and that no other provider can provide them with. It includes the pieces such as bullet points and images.
  • Use colloquial language-talk for the customers and not just write for the crowd.
  • Creating a sense of emergency- tell the customers about the limited time and they will be intended towards purchasing the product or visiting the site.
  • Wipe all the concerns out