Search engine optimization web design

After reading the heading the first thing that comes to one’s mind is what is web design?

Web design is one of the most prominent factors in attracting an audience. It is the process of creating websites by an individual and it consists of various aspects of web designing such as the layout and style. The websites are created by professionals with the help of HTML.

The companies often struggle with creating a web design that is relevant for attracting an audience. The web design is the one which generates revenues. More importantly, Search Engine Optimization web design is what benefits you the most. It makes your website SEO friendly and available for people to see.


The significance of SEO in web design

After knowing what web design means and reading SEO web design one should also know the importance that SEO holds in web design. SEO and web design both go hand in hand. It is an important thing for the business people as they need to be aware of the significance of the SEO in the web designs.

The web design can be very attractive and have the best things included but if it is not SEO friendly then it is of no such use. SEO web design helps the web page and the websites to have the best amount of audience. It restricts some worthy search engines to show your web pages to the users.

One should integrate SEO on their websites properly to have better access to their work. The more the SEO factors are taken care of while you indulge in web design, the more chance is for your website to gain an audience as the search engines will put your websites in top results.


Things you might be doing wrong

As the importance of Search Engine Optimization web design is known to you, here are some things that you might be doing wrong in order to have such a web design.

  • The design is not responsive- whatever design that you choose for your website or web pages should be something that is responsive and is accessible on any device. This factor has been considered as one of the most important ones for the creation of websites.
  • Generic 404 pages- this is what kills the traffic in a silent manner.
  • The homepage uses carousels- this becomes a problem the moment it enables the automatic scrolling option.
  • Website being slow
  • The response time of the server is very slow
  • Not choosing a clear and understandable font or colour
  • The kerning is very poor- kerning refers to the distance or space between two characters.
  • Too many fonts result in destroying the look of the website.
  • The content which is the heart of the website is not good enough and kills the traffic.
  • The content that you wrote is not scannable
  • Grammatical mistakes are in high quantity
  • The colour of the visiting links does not change at all.
  • The navigation menus are invisible.

These are the things that you might be doing wrong while creating a Search Engine Optimized web design for your websites or web pages.