Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service by Google that offers web analytics. It is the service which tracks and reports the traffic on websites. The services were bought into existence by Google in November 2005. It is currently the most widely used web analytics service. Google Analytics provides a number of different metrics to the people.

It enables you to share the massive amount of data within no time. It lets you compare your work with the other companies, and work on your weakness to enhance your work quality. The reports provided by the service lets the users know about the success of their work and work on that to attract more viewers.



Google analytics is a service that offers incredible reporting features to you at no cost at all. It provides you with enormous reporting options. It is the service that provides reports and statistics about a visitor or transactions on a website.

The service by Google analytics helps you build a complete picture by understanding your site and evaluate the performance in a better manner. It also lets you connect with the digital analysis results about your work.


How does it work?

After gaining the knowledge regarding the term and its features, one searches for the answer to the working of the service. Google analytics works in several steps-

  • One needs to have a username and password at the website-
  • Eventually, you will be given a “page tag” or Google Analytics tracking code which will be needed to be added on every single page of a website.
  • The purpose of this tag is to collect data and revert it to the Google servers for processing.


What Google analytics actually do?

It is a service that is very powerful in analyzing various things and provides a number of services to the users in enhancing their digital work. There are a number of things that it does, such as-

  1. Conversions- downloads, registrations, page views, etc.
  2. E-commerce- volume and success of transactions.
  3. Website traffic- where the visitors came from and how they navigate through the site.


Google analytics helping in website

Google Analytics helps in the development and optimization of the site. It tells you about how much the information was relevant to the viewers. It helps in identifying the challenges which may restrict the viewers to visit your site. It also helps in optimizing the keywords, timing and the geographic differences. It allows you to do multiple comparisons on the data of a website but does not enables you to compare the sites directly.


Features of Google Analytics

  1. Data visualization tools are present that include motion cards, scorecards and dashboards. It displays the changes in data over the period of time.
  2. Segments and conversions for analysis.
  3. Offers custom reports
  4. Email based communication and sharing is enabled.
  5. Integration with the other products of Google.
  6. Traffic sources