Factors to focus on in an audit

Knowing what an SEO audit is important. SEO audit is something that analysis the various factors of the visibility of your website on the internet. It is important as it makes you aware of the visibility of your website or webpage is apt or not.

To know what SEO Audit is important and to know what are the factors to focus on in an audit is also important.

Here are the various factors to focus on in an audit.

  1. Competitor Research

Competitive research is an important factor to focus on in an audit as it enables you to know about the weakness and strength of your own and also of your competitors. It will help you know the areas that you need to work hard upon and improve your website.

  1. Boosting your technical SEO

This contains factors to check your website such as-

  • Panda or Penguin checks- these allow you to check your website in the matter of banners, posters and whether the links on your website are natural or not.
  • Improving page titles- this helps you to analyze the quality of your titles of the pages and improve them.
  • Generate good meta-descriptions as they affect your website in the matter of content. It invites viewers to your site and it has to be perfect.
  • Use canonical URLs.
  1. Crawling and indexing

Now what would come to your mind will be, what is crawling? Crawling is the manner in which Google reads your website or your webpage. Going through your website’s content is crawling through it. Now knowing what is indexing? It is the process by which the pages of your website are added to the google search results.

These two are the foundation of perfect SEO. Crawling and indexing are the building foundation as they make sure of the webpage being available in the Google search results. It ensures a proper set up for your website.

  1. Work on improving the user experience

One need to attract viewers and also to keep them connected to the site. To do so one can use images, videos, the right choice of colours, and keep the information updated.

  1. Check the DNS settings-

    It means that bots do not face any errors while they crawl your website

  2. The pages should be mobile-friendly

The provider should keep in mind that the user does not necessarily use laptop or computer to view the pages or websites, but mobiles are also taken in for use. The pages should be viewed on mobile phones as well with the same ease as on laptop or computer screens.

  1. An SEO strategy should be planned

The content answers the question of what the searcher searches for, auditing it is tough as you have to look at the quality of it. Grammar, language, and punctuation, all are to be checked before uploading the content.

For this, a good SEO strategy should be planned.

  1. Keyword research should be done

    – Keyword plays a prominent part in the content and should be researched well before using.

  2. The speed of the site

    should be taken care of. The more time it takes to load, the more chances are that you may end up losing users.