Create SEO optimized landing pages

Before getting into the process to create SEO optimized landing pages, we should know what are landing pages first.

Landing pages are standalone web pages which are created specifically for the purpose of marketing and advertising. It is where the users land when they search and click on the similar keywords. The only motive of the landing pages is to CALL TO ACTION (CTA).


SEO optimized landing pages

These are the landing pages which are optimized for search engines. It has the features that make it appealing to know if the pages are valuable or not to the searchers.

How to create SEO optimized landing pages

After knowing what landing pages and SEO optimized landing pages are, we move towards knowing how to create SEO optimized landing pages. There are some steps to follow in order to create a landing page. The steps are-

  1. Publish to a custom URL- there is an advantage of publishing your landing page on your domain, you get to have an extended benefit of a small ranking boost. This ranking boost is when your page is searched by the viewers.
  2. Determine your keywords properly- this is the most important step for creating a page or even in any online content for that matter. The words that are selected by you are the ones responsible for your page’s rankings. Relevant keywords are the reason why landing pages succeed or fail. One should make a list of all the keywords which are related to your page.
  3. The keywords should be included in your landing pages with great attention. A strategy should be made to do so. As the selection and use of these keywords are important, therefore the strategy should be made keeping all the things in mind. After selecting the keywords make sure you place them correctly on your pages.

Here are the examples where you can put them-

  • Meta descriptions- the short descriptions of your page are important and placing the keywords there can be quite helpful.
  • Title tag
  • Header tag
  • Image file names- giving a description to the images is a plus point. Adding keywords to the image descriptions can be useful to you.
  1. The length of the page should not make you worry. It is said that the SEO favours the long content pages rather than the shorter ones. Landing pages are meant to be brief and precise. Quality should be the main focus for you over quantity. If the quality of the content is not good, but it is long enough for the readers, nobody will come to visit your page afterwards.
  2. Secure backlinks to your pages. To boot the search engine optimization, one should make people link to their pages. When the content is good, people feel like being connecting to your page for updates. This will help you to gain more audience and viewers.
  3. The speed of the page should be well-taken care of. The longer it takes to load the page, the more audience will be away from your page. One should take care of the speed of the page and attract more viewers.
  4. The content by you should be shareable. People will read your content and relate to it and if the content and information are good, people will share it with others.

These are the steps for you to create an SEO optimized landing page.