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Month: August 2018

Factors to focus on in an audit

Factors to focus on in an audit Knowing what an SEO audit is important. SEO audit is something that analysis the various factors of the visibility of your website on the internet. It is important as it makes you aware of the...

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SMO stands for Social Media Optimization

SMO SMO stands for Social Media Optimization, means to create awareness of a product or a service socially. These social media sites used for the awareness are Facebook, Google, Yahoo and also sites like RSS feeds, social news...

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Use google search engine on my website

Use the google search engine on my website Search engines are the most essential part of today’s world. Before getting into the process to use google search engine on your websites, you need to know what exactly Google search...

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Google analytics helping in website

Google Analytics Google Analytics is a service by Google that offers web analytics. It is the service which tracks and reports the traffic on websites. The services were bought into existence by Google in November 2005. It is...

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What is social media marketing

Social media marketing What is social media marketing? It defines the process of marketing about something through the social media platforms. As in today’s time, social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life, marketing...

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